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OAM Surgery Center at MidTowne is an Ambulatory Surgery Center, or outpatient surgery center, where overnight hospital stays are not required. Using the latest surgical technology, our orthopaedic specialists perform a variety of same-day procedures. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing quality, personalized and efficient care from pre-op to post recovery.

Benefits of OAM Surgery Center

Cost Savings

Outpatient facilities such as OAM Surgery Center do not include many of the overhead costs that make hospital services more expensive.

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Safety & Quality

Surgical procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art operating suites—not in a traditional hospital setting—which reduces exposure to infections and illnesses.


Increased Comfort

Patients can expect a shorter duration of stay, and because no overnight stay is required, you can recover in the comfort of your own home.

Patient Focused

From surgery to recovery, all patients receive individualized care plans and treatment. Our two main priorities are you, and your procedure.


Appointment Times
Patients will not receive their arrival time until the afternoon before their surgery.

Do you have post-surgical concerns?
View our Care Card to help determine how to address your symptoms.

Prepare for Your Surgery

Our Patient Education Packet contains information to help you prepare for your upcoming surgery, including our Simple Admit pre-op online health survey. All patients must complete the survey ASAP prior to surgery. You’ll also find helpful information for after discharge.

If you need your access token or require additional assistance, please call (877) 848-4726.

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Preparing for your Joint Replacement Surgery

Below you will find information to help you prepare for your upcoming joint replacement. This includes our Joint replacement patient packet, online class videos, and exercises to help you get the most out of your new joint.
Joint Replacement Patient Packet

Class VideosShoulder Replacement
Ankle Replacement Elbow Replacement Hip Replacement Total and Partial Knee Replacement

DownloadsShoulder Replacement Physical Therapy Exercises Hip Replacement Physical Therapy Exercises Knee Replacement Physical Therapy Exercises

Learn More About OAM Surgery Center at MidTowne

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OAM Surgery Center at MidTowne
MidTowne Medical Center

555 MidTowne NE, Suite 200
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone: 616-552-5000 | Fax: 616-552-5003

Monday through Friday,
7am to 5pm

A covered parking ramp is attached to the building for your convenience.

OAM Surgery Center at MidTowne is a smoke-free campus.

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